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What are your hours? 
Little Bit Sweets is an appointment only bakery and has no retail counter. Everything is made to order and pre ordered in advanced. At times we do have  some holiday and seasonal specials available without pre order. Follow Little Bit Sweets on Instagram to see when special items are available to be picked up at the shop on a first come first serve basis!

How far in advanced should I place my order?
The sooner the better! We suggest booking as soon as you know the date of your event. You can secure a date without knowing the exact theme of the cake, the flavor or the size, we just need to know the date, time and a general size estimate! Once a date is fully booked, we cannot take any additional. We accommodate last minute orders if we are able!

How can I place an order?
Please fill out an order request form located under the 'book now' tab. 

Do you charge a deposit for special occasion desserts?
Yes! We charge a nonrefundable 50% deposit, up to $250 to secure your date. Once your date is secure your final payment is due 2 weeks before the date of event. Don’t worry, or online system will email remind you when payments are due!

Do you deliver?
We do deliver for limited orders. Keep in mind that most of our delivery availability is reserved for wedding cakes but there is no harm in asking! 

How do we know how to cut the cake?
We provide a cake cutting guide with every order to make it super simple!

How do we store our cake/cupcakes?
Keep the cake in a cool, dry place or the fridge (best option). If you keep the cake in the fridge remove about 1.5 hour before serving to bring to room temperature.

How do I safely transport my cake? 
Please keep the cake in the box you receive it in and place on a flat surface in the vehicle, we recommend on the floor of the passenger seat, the floor of backseats, or the floor of the trunk. We do not recommend having someone hold the cake in the vehicle or placing on a vehicle seat. Please drive wisely as the cake is your responsibility once it leaves the shop. Drive slowly, avoiding quick stops, sharp turns and big bumps. When carrying the box be sure to place your hands on the bottom of the box, not the sides. 

Can you accommodate allergies, food sensitivity or food restrictions?
We are NOT an allergen-free cake shop and do not recommend consumption of our products for people who are allergic or intolerant to wheat, gluten, nuts, soy, dairy or eggs and other allergens. Cross-contamination is possible. If you have a severe food allergy, we do not recommend consuming our products.

Can you put popular children’s characters on our custom cake?
We cannot draw, pipe or paint any licensed characters on a cake. If you supply a figurine we can create a setting for the character and place the figurine on the cake. We do not sell any figurines. 

Can I serve other desserts from other vendors at my event/wedding?
   We require that all cake based desserts (cake, Wedding cake, kitchen cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, etc) come from Little Bit Sweets. If you would like to provide your guests with other specialty desserts (think ice cream, funnel cake, donuts, etc) we ask that you display them separately from the Little Bit Sweets Cake display. 

Do you offer cake tastings?
In depth cake tastings and consultations are offered to wedding clients once offically booked, 4-8 months before your wedding day. Tastings are held in our stuido located in Ottsville. Sample boxes are available for purchase if you would like to 'try before you buy.' Keep in mind that purchasing a sample box does not secure or hold your date, dates are only secured with deposits. 

Do you charge a deposit for wedding cakes and desserts?

Yes! We charge a nonrefundable $150 deposit to secure your date. Once your date is secured, an in depth cake tasting and consultation will be scheduled 4-8 motnhs before the wedding day. We will build your custom order during this consultation. After the consultation an order will be created and 50% payment is due. The final 50% minus $150 deposit is due 2 weeks before wedding. 

Do you charge a travel/set up fee?
We charge a $1.25/mile delivery fee, with a minimum of $25.00. This fee includes travel, set up and ensures the cake arrives in perfect condition! The $1.25/mile will be charged round trip from the Little Bit Sweets shop, 8033 Easton Rd, Ottsville PA 18942. 

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