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Hey, I'm Maggie!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Here's a little bit about me and LBS.

I meet my husband in 2017 when he came to fix the A/C at my office building. We didn't meet, but I forced a coworker to slip him my number in hopes he would call the mystery girl. He called within minutes. We married in 2021 and are living out our love story with our two dogs. 

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My favorite season is winter. Put me in a pile of snow and I'll be happy as can be. Give me a pair of skis and I'll be even more excited. My dad taught me how to ski at a young age and all of our family trips revolved around skiing.


I am blessed with an incredible family who supports and helps me pursue all of my dreams. As the years pass we continue to grow and time with them brings me so much joy. 


My brother and I performed Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez's 'I'm Real' on a cruise ship talent show back in the day. I'm still not sure why our parents let us do that but catch us at the local dive bar after a few drinks and you will probably see this iconic performance live.

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The name 'Little Bit Sweets' is super special to me and close to my heart. My Dad always referred to me as 'Little Bit' and after his passing, it was years before I heard the phrase again. I now get to hear the phrase almost every day and it makes my heart so happy. 

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I opened Little Bit Sweets studio in 2021 after a whirlwind year of change in my personal life and the world. What was once a side gig for friends and family has become my obsession and a full-time job. Designing cakes for you and your special day is such an honor. I love creating something unique, specifically made for you, to stand out and be the centerpiece of every occasion. 

Since Little Bit Sweets is a custom-order cake shop with no retail case, your goods are made specifically for you. This allows me to bake with the best possible ingredients and freshness while helping eliminate waste from unsold products. From the first sift of flour to the last sprinkle placed, everything is created with you and your event in mind.

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